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Must-haves for your 2020 hotel marketing budget

thursday, 22 august at 2:00 p.m. BST

Hotel budget season is upon us so take a moment to review key items that could make or break your marketing results in 2020. We’ll lay the groundwork for key items to include in your 2020 budget that drive real results for hotels. Can’t join this date? Let us know and we can arrange a time to review this content with you separately.


  • Hotel marketing basics

  • What we find works best for hotels

  • Determining spend levels for your marketing budget

  • Social media must-haves (advertising, content, community management)

  • Other digital marketing budget expenditures

  • Advertising spend on third party websites

  • Public relations and influencers

  • Print collateral and groups marketing

  • Driving local visitation to your outlets (spa, dining, golf)

  • Other considerations: Branding, Virtual Tours, Photo Shoots (professional and social media)

  • Review a sample marketing budget for a 100-room hotel

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