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 Meet the team


Jessica McDonald


With over two decades of experience in managing marketing campaigns, building brands, and generating millions in revenue for countless tourism businesses, Jessica has a special knack for developing unique problem-solving strategies for businesses. Her expertise lies in tourism and hotel marketing while additionally providing full business consulting solutions for hotels and tourism brands. From directing destination brands in the US and UK to working for Fortune-500 hotels in some of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, Jessica has the well-rounded mix of business and creative knowledge that makes our marketing click.


Andrew May


Andrew has worked with Voyage for seven years and is the brains behind our social media advertising, reporting and analytics. He works closely with our representatives at Facebook and Sprout, keeping up-to-date with all industry updates and receiving specialist training on a regular basis. He also manages all business development and company operations. With twelve years of business, finance and non-profit fundraising experience, Andrew’s transition to social media and marketing years ago brought a results-driven focus to Voyage Travel Marketing.


Anna Slade


With over 13 years of experience in public relations and journalism, Anna has made strong connections and relationships that consistently create quality media coverage for our clients. And with a background at BBC Radio and working as a magazine feature writer, she has a unique insight into what journalists and publications look for. Anna is a talented writer and has managed PR and editorial features for tourism brands and numerous hotels, while also having worked at public relations agencies. She’s pretty magical too.


Gemma Clapp


Overseeing all creative content and strategies, Gemma leads on the creation of social media content, ads, blogs, and creative brand campaigns. She has excellent experience in copywriting, creative concepts, and journalism, having previously worked on the client and agency side, along with national publishing companies. Gemma’s amazing creative talents, coupled with business expertise help our brands go places.


Alie Barbieri


With a strong background in travel and lifestyle marketing, social media and PR, Alie has experience in delivering results for renowned luxury hotel brands. Alie has worked on property and truly gets what it takes to deliver hotel marketing projects in a timely manner while driving real results. She represents our clients, leading on a range of marketing projects, presenting results, account management and overseeing social media strategies. Alie is always researching the latest trends and keeps us at the cutting edge of marketing and social media.


Kathy Badcock

Social Media Manager

Kathy’s experience spans over twenty-five years in account management, leadership and finance roles before she joined Voyage Travel Marketing in 2017. Here she works closely with our clients to direct social media strategy and content. With her excellent eye for good copy, creative detail, and amazing leadership skills, we literally couldn’t run the company without her.


Morgan Wilkinson


With a background in tourism and event management, Morgan has developed an impressive set of marketing and eCommerce skills. She works closely with Jessica to manage all eCommerce accounts, facilitating email marketing strategies, website design and management, video production, photography management, and social media advertising design.


Heather McDonald


Heather facilitates all day-to-day community management for our US clients, having joined Voyage from a US-based social media agency. Her keen eye for detail and social media background make her an excellent first point of contact with hotel guests.


Rebecca Robson


Becky facilitates daily community management, reporting and social media advertising, regularly thinking of new approaches for our client’s ads and content to tie into the latest industry trends. Alongside this, Becky is working towards her Chartered Institute of Marketing certificate and a Facebook Blueprint qualification. She brings a special creative touch and new ideas that always keep us at the cutting edge of social media marketing. Having grown up working in her parents’ hotel, Becky also understands the importance of hospitality from a community management perspective.