Social media is a game-changer for hotel marketing


How much revenue is social media generating for you?

Sure, you know generating revenue through social media is possible—at least, that’s what Facebook tells you. But do you know how? Read on to discover how to utilise your social media presence to get in front of the right audience and push conversions.

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1. You simply cannot have a social media presence without advertising

Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm has changed, making it very difficult for your business content to be seen on social media. Simply put—you must have ad funds to boost your social media content. Facebook and Instagram offer the best options to generate hotel revenue with amazing targeting capabilities and a range of ad options to reach your best customers and previous guests.

2. Social media encourages guests to book direct

With OTAs often dominating the hotel booking process, driving web traffic and direct bookings is key for your property. Both Facebook and Instagram are capable of tracking revenue through social media ads, enabling you to see your return on investment. To do this, you simply need to install a Facebook Pixel on your website, which will track link clicks, bookings, and revenue generated. You may have one installed already, so ask your team if you are using it efficiently.

3. Sometimes less is more

Many hotels make the mistake of posting social media content every day. It’s simply not necessary unless you have a very large-scale resort with significant programming. Since social media is now a ‘pay to play’ channel and content must be supported with advertising funds, it’s a more effective use of time and funds to focus on social media ads and run less organic content.

4. Launch flash sales and promotions on your social pages

Are you making the most of your social media presence to promote flash sales and offers? Create Facebook and Instagram content to help launch limited time offers and support this with paid social media conversion ads to promote reach and revenue. This can help drive new followers for your social pages too, where they are more likely to see any new offers you launch.

5. Create conversion ads and retarget website visitors

It’s likely that your hotel promotes evergreen offers, with promotions and packages that run season after season or even year after year. Create Facebook and Instagram carousel ads to get all of your current offers in front of your audience. Keep in mind that these will need to be updated whenever offers change, which is why evergreen offers work best.

6. Drive local audiences to your dining, spa and golf outlets

Don’t forget about your outlets! Your primary focus is likely getting guests to the hotel, but local audiences provide an excellent opportunity to drive visitors to your restaurants, spas, and more. Target local towns and cities for best performance with a locals discount.


7. Connect with your audience through community management

Show potential guests you care with great community management. Not only can you respond to reviews (good and bad), handle complaints in a timely manner, and answer questions, but this is also a great place to drive conversions. You can do this by sharing offers to help convince those guests who are still undecided. If they are engaging with you on social media, it is likely they are considering a booking, so all it takes is a gentle nudge in the right direction.

8. Give an authentic look at your hotel through user generated content

Guests are more likely to book when given a more authentic look at hotels; in fact, 86% of consumers say they have become interested in travelling to a location after seeing consumer-created social images, while the same report found that 52% have made plans to visit a specific destination based on UGC.

You can reshare guests’ Instagram Stories, which stay visible for 24 hours, at the click of the button, provided they tag your hotel. Consider saving the best to a dedicated ‘Guest Story’ on your Instagram Highlights (pinned to the top of your Instagram page), where they will stay visible long after the 24 hours are up.

9. Know your hotel audience and target them

One of the reasons Facebook and Instagram are the biggest players in social media is thanks to their endless targeting opportunities. If you know exactly who your audience is — including their interests, locations, marriage statuses, ages, etc. — you can target them with ads and content, ensuring you are putting your brand in front of the right people. You can even target those planning a trip with Facebook’s Trip Consideration tool. And rather than just targeting your current followers, it’s important to utilise social media to find new customers.

10. Share compelling content

It’s likely that all your competitors are active on social media too, so ensuring your brand stands out is key. Consider hosting regular photoshoots to ensure you have a strong bank of images to use in your social media content. With most social media content now consumed on a phone, remember that vertical images work best as they demand more screen space, making your content hard to ignore. Plus, make your content stand out even more with a virtual tour of your property — ask us how.


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Morgan Wilkinson